The Migrator code
If the problem of "whales" is common to all DeFi projects, then the problem of Migrator code is a specific vulnerability of PancakeSwap forks. The original contract contains a code segment that allows the owner to withdraw funds blocked in the contract to any other address.
Naturally, this feature has become a favorite among a wide variety of scammers who seek to steal farmers' money. PancakeSwap itself, to be fair, was not seen in the malicious use of Migrator code.
From the Triton team point of view, such code has no place in DeFi - Migrator code is completely removed from the Triton Masterchef contract, as you can easily see by reading the contract on our Github page.
So there is no need for farmers to trust our team - there is simply no way to steal users' money.
Last modified 6mo ago
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