The main requirement for a modern DeFi project is versatility. Market conditions are changing so rapidly that a project focused on one particular way of generating income cannot provide effective yield farming for its users.
Triton, like its prototype from the animal world that has managed to adapt to both life in the water and life on land - is an exceptionally versatile yield farming platform. The platform presents investment products that generate income from a variety of sources and operate in a variety of industries.
As a result, no matter what happens in the market, Triton users will always be able to earn a decent income. In addition, the platform effectively protects them from market and non-market risks, so that yield farming with Triton is not only flexible and efficient, but also safe.

Triton - the basics

Triton is a decentralized investment platform powered by the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and managed by the Triton Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).
Triton Masterchef contract, which defines the functioning of the DAO and the platform as a whole, is a fork of the PancakeSwap Masterchef contract - the most successful DeFi project on the Binance Smart Chain - and has undergone a major upgrade and ”bug fixing".
Marketing campaigns
This item is the simplest one - 25% of the fees are spent on marketing and airdrops. As a result, the demand for TRITON and, accordingly, its price increases.
Binance Smart Chain Blockchain
Of course, it makes no sense to discuss any DeFi project in isolation from the blockchain on which it is deployed. Binance Smart Chain was chosen by our team not only because of its technical characteristics, but also because of its compliance with our ideas of maximum flexibility and versatility.
Binance Smart Chain is a fork of Ethereum, the most flexible of the major blockchains, which launched the smart contract revolution and became the basis for the entire DeFi ecosystem. When creating the fork, developers from the Binance team retained the flexibility and versatility of the original blockchain.
Compared to Ethereum, BSC is significantly faster, has more bandwidth and scalability, and transactions in it are significantly cheaper.
The BSC blockchain is supported and developed by Binance, one of the largest corporations in the modern cryptocurrency market. So the blockchain is supported by the best developers with huge resources.
So the choice of Binance Smart Chain as the basis of the project was quite rational and logical.
Triton Masterchef contract
Equally logical and rational was the choice of the PancakeSwap Masterchef contract as the basis for the development of the Triton Masterchef contract. The PancakeSwap contract does not limit the scope and specifics of its forks in any way, but at the same time it offers a reliable and optimized tokenomics that guarantees the stability of the project and the stability of its currency.
In addition, PancakeSwap was developed with the direct support of the Binance team, so if we are deploying a profitable farming platform on the Binance Smart Chain, then using the product of the Binance developers as the basis for the fork is the most logical possible solution.
Of course, the PancakeSwap contract underwent many changes and improvements before becoming a Triton contract. However, two changes should be noted in particular: the removal of the Migrator code and the addition of a fair launch mechanism.
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